It’s finally here, house selling/buying season. Introducing Home Value +!!

Life is going by quick and you are starting to outgrow your home or maybe it’s time to downsize. It’s that time and you want or even need to find your new dream home.

But therein lies the problem…

Where do you start? Who do you call? Do you contact a popular website to find an agent? Maybe a friend? Then, how do you prepare your home? What should you spend your money on? Inspections and appraisals sound stressful, maybe your house isn’t fully ready. All that piled onto one of the hottest real estate markets in RVA.

Luckily, there is an agent to guide you through this process, an agent offering Home Value +. Home Value + is a revolutionary way to guide you through the complicated waters of listing your home. When we meet, we will not only walk through and investigate your home for potential inspection issues, but devise a plan to fix these issues prior to listing your home; most of the time absolutely free to you! This alone can save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars by NOT allowing issues to go through inspection negotiations. But don’t worry, getting this incredible value is easy and free!

There are just three steps:

  1. Call and schedule your free listing consultation.
  2. We will meet at your home for a pricing consultation and Home Value+ walk through.
  3. Follow through with any fixes and then list your home!

It’s that simple. It’s that more stress off your shoulders and me assisting with the load. With inspector knowledge and many years of fixing housing issues; I can do things like minor plumbing, minor electrical, appliance fixes, drywall patching, painting, and more. Having me as your guide is the security you’ve been looking for.

Here’s my number: (804)869-3059

I can’t wait to talk to you about what it’s like to live and work in one of the fastest growing communities in RVA. I look forward to helping you sell your home in Chesterfield County!

Your Chesterfield Connection,

David Gaulden

p.s. As always, you have a choice on who will be your listing agent. Choosing without getting a Home Value + consultation could mean spending thousands trying to fix your home because of inspections, or even worse, not selling your home at all! Call me today and let’s discuss your plan.