It can be hard to come up with solid content to vlog about when you are in real estate, at least to get away from the normal how to buy a home, what are the steps, etc..

So, I’m doing things a little bit differently and in this vlog I decided to start interviewing my friends and colleagues that are participating in Leadership Chesterfield through the Chamber of Commerce in Chesterfield, Virginia. Leadership Chesterfield Volume 1 was just a blog. This time around, I decided to step up my game and get my brand out there. In this video you will see Henricus Historical Park in Chesterfield, VA and some of the history behind the park. Now, do remember, this is only my second vlog! Compared to my first, this looks much better. Keep learning, watch tutorials, learn editing software, just some of the nuances of doing vlogginh right! Take the time to learn and develop and you will get happier with each and every video you produce.

In this video you will meet Charles Grant, Executive Director of the Henricus Foundation who will explain a little history about the park and why you should visit for your next RVA discovery! Then meet Mark Bowen, the Marketing and Operations Manager at Westchester Commons to learn more about what Westchester Commons has to offer. Finally, meet Rue Moyer, a Financial Advisor with Anchor Group, who will tell you a little about why he and his company bring as a new business to Chesterfield County.

Sit back and enjoy. My second vlog is much better than my first! Still many more steps to work on to get it right, but I feel I am moving in the right direction.

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