How often do you get to meet with an old friend, at a business meeting, and instantly come away feeling inspired by their drive, life journey, and family stories? I got that chance today when I met with John and Reba Coleman, Dominion Capital Mortgage Inc., at Hondos Steak House near Innsbrook. First off, I’ve never visited Hondos to dine before, so the meal was a special treat. The atmosphere was inviting and the lunch crowd was exciting. The food was delicious and well priced for a steak house of that caliber. I think the last steak house I visited was Texas Roadhouse, no knocking them, but there is a slight difference here. We don’t get out much, not with two children. My wife and I should work on that! Anyway, I had the Raspberry Chicken Salad (next time I may go a bit pricier and get that Tenderloin Salad), and boy was it delicious. Now, with that said, on to the good stuff!

     John and I are old friends from high school, and, if I am correct, I believe it has been since high school since we last encountered each other. Life has a way of doing that sometimes, breaking you apart and then circling back around and reconnecting you when you least expect it. When I first announced my new career on Facebook, John was very enthusiastic for my new journey and had some great advice to share. We decided to meet to discuss my plans, how he could help (insert thumbs-up for salesman skills), and just reconnect after so many years; hence Hondos. My initial thought was this would be a meeting to better understand the mortgage process so I can better serve my clients. Well, this meeting went well beyond just that and your typical business meeting. John brought his teammate and wife, Reba, and it was such a great opportunity to connect with someone new and really feel the passion they share for each other and their careers. It felt like we had known each other for years, not to mention that John and I hadn’t missed a beat since high school! I could tell by our conversation that John and Reba are outstanding parents and it is easy to see how they have been so successful in raising their son. Their love for their son and family is undeniable and their vision for the future is something we should all strive for. Our lunch lasted much longer than the waitress would have liked, I’m very sure of this! Our deep and connected discussions weren’t well received by our waitress who repeatedly had to return to get our order. I apologize to the waitress at Hondos today, you were amazingly patient! It was a pleasure to get the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business today and sincerely offer John and Reba thanks for getting this meeting together! I look forward to our continued friendship and deep discussions for years to come. Reba, I’m coming over for chili and I will eat whatever John will not! This is a promise.

Please visit my local pros page to discover John and Reba’s business information under mortgage & loans. There are tons of other local pros available to contact if you need services in central Virginia. I intent to write blogs on all of them, so come back weekly for updated blog posts of my local pros!